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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the 10 pm news on ktvu starts now. looking for clues after a passenger was shot and killed by another passenger. g we will not stop --
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>> we will not stop until we find that person. >> they are reassuring the public that the transit system is safe. >> reporter: julie, the west oakland system is the busiest. the homicide that took place inside the station. it was on a train headed for san francisco and a passenger was shot dead saturday. the police will not say if the shooting was caught on surveillance cameras. there are cameras elsewhere in the station. one source tells me there is good video of the suspect. the police chief says that they
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will not say which video they're looking at. >> looking at our own video, we are looking at the surrounding businesses videos in order to identify who the suspect is. >> reporter: the suspect approached the victim. he fired too -- he fired two shots. he left the scene. the coroner's office says that they're working to identify the victim. >> i heard three bangs. >> reporter: the witness who asked us not to show her described are chaotic scene. >> it was a nightmare coming to life. people were running for safety. i was standing near the escalator with the wrong
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direction to get down and i took cover under a concrete wall.>> reporter: passengers are apprehensive on writing the train. >> the alternative is to drive and that is not an option with all the traffic. >> is something you want to think twice about using. >> this is my main source of transportation right now. there the suspect -- >> reporter: the suspect is a black man, in the late 20s or early 30s. he was wearing a long trench coat, a dark hoodie, and dnr reboots. anyone with information should call the police. president obama is set to
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deliver his final state of the union address tomorrow. he tends to focus on some longer-range goals that could benefit future generations. how this may impact the race to replace it. >> reporter: they do not expect the president to have the usual wish list. using this last state of the union speech to defend his record and talking about the future. on the white house website, the video is like a movie trailer. >> mister speaker, the president of the united states. >> the economy, a concern that rises above all others.>> reporter: less on policy proposals to congress, and more on the broader issues that are
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fishing -- facing the nation. >> is about the american people and the future of our country. >> reporter: henry grady says that it is not surprising. >> if he has a long laundry list to do, nothing is going to happen. >> reporter: the president is going to talk about climate change, health care, and the economy. he will show a graph of job growth during his administration. >> 70 months of job creation, we had 2000 and more jobs created a month for the last two years. >> reporter: he is unable to get bipartisan support on gun control. with the presidential hopefuls talking about the president's actions for the last few months,
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that will be an opportunity to but are the strength to put on a different light on it. framing the conversation for the next election. >> he is going to be appealing to younger voters. this is about your future.>> reporter: the younger voters of the voting group, areas where the president could get some bipartisan support. also the transpacific partnership. that needs to pass through congress, it is likely he will be talking about that tomorrow. spencer stone is the air man from sacramento that helped stop a terrorist attack. 82 dozen other guests
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were chosen. -- two dozen other guests were chosen as well. a southern california democrat taking the reins of the next assembly speaker in march. anthony is the next leader. representing the district. he is known for negotiating the seven half-billion dollar water bond and 2014. one of his parties right now is to restore funding for early childhood education. officials at the san jose state closed the library this afternoon after someone fell to their death from the six floor atrium inside the building. it happened at 3 pm at the martin luther king library. the medical examiner's office or
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said -- said that he is not a student or an employee it appears to be a suicide. it plans to reopen at 8 am. warning drivers about an intersection closed due to a sinkhole. police say that the sinkhole opened up due to exudation work. groundwater caused the collapse. -- due to excavation work. groundwater caused the collapse. a small plane made an emergency landing on the highway. it landed safely. it was pushed to the center median, the engine started to sputter and the faa described it as a precautionary landing two people were on board and
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nobody got hurt. the traffic backed up for miles. the immediate days of the -- the immediate fate of the oakland raiders. the meeting tomorrow and if any team could relocate. is unclear if the raiders proposal has the support of all the owners perks -- owners. >> reporter: the raiders, chargers, ramps, whether they qualify or not. voting -- the raiders, chargers, and the rams. weather they qualify or not. the raiders have teamed up with the san diego chargers to propose a new stadium and carson and to become the first team to fill the la vacancies
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since 1995. league owners are meeting in houston. they are meeting on thursday. >> being committed. >> we have been working on it for over a year. whatever the decision of the owners this is an we will go by a. >> reporter: -- we will abide it. >> we are hopeful that the raiders no that oakland is part of the raiders and the raiders are part of oakland. >> reporter: and considering the rich history dating back to 1960. what of their -- the oakland -- oakland has a booming a commonly -- oakland has a booming economy. the question is, will the other
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owners go for oakland staying -- the rams staying in oakland. spent >> >> weather will bring us live reports beginning from houston -- had their will bring us live reports. -- heather will bring us live reports. they now estimate $1.4 billion. the number is so large it cannot be displayed on many lottery science. nobody has won the lottery since november 4. the next drawing is wednesday. the dow gained 52 points. nasdaq dropped five. just three and half weeks until the bay area hosts the super bowl.
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super bowl is less than a month away. safety was discussed at a community meeting. outside levite stadium in with the city's plan. -- outside the levite stadium with the city's plan.>> reporter: nobody will be allowed inside the stadium without a ticket. 20 days away, 70,000 people expected to attend. the people living around the area are growing anxious. >> homeland security is going to be here, how is that going to affect us getting in and out of our neighborhood? >> reporter: at this community meeting, he is promising heavy police presence during the week. there will be a hard perimeter
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all around levi stadium. >> the fans will be coming in from all over the region and we want them to enjoy all the offense within the inter- perimeter. >> reporter: on game day, 400 charter buses will be dedicated to the nfl. they will be using a designated lane on highway 101. officers manning neighborhoods, checking for stickers on cars. >> my experience with the super bowl, 95% of the parking is bought in advance and they know exactly where they are going.>> reporter: she already has a game plan for game day.
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that is staying home and stocking up a few days before. >> i am hoping for the best. i hope everybody behaves themselves. >> reporter: another interesting concern brought up tonight, homeowners renting out their properties for the super bowl. it is up to the homeowners to do proper background checks. >> so much going on as the countdown is going on.>> there is a transformation there at the stadium. what organizers are doing to make sure that past problems do not come back. >> reporter: this is what it looks like entering the stadium today. turning the field of dirt into a field of dreams. >> it is another day at the office. >> reporter: the 86-year-old has worked on 50 super bowl's.
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-- several super bowl's. they will be putting in new turf which is standard super bowl procedure. >> we are ready for anything that can come down. we have a plan for anything that could happen with a backup plan -- we have a backup plan for anything that could happen. >> it is a real grass grown on plastic. >> the field will be in use 30 hours during the week before the game. it has to be extra tough. her back the grass -- >> reporter: the grass is heavy, this piece alone is 40 pounds and an inch thick. it should be ready to play by tomorrow.
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outside the stadium, they are reaching new heights. look at the framework for two giant tents going up in the parking lot. you will find rows and rows of metal barriers. on the stadium itself today, this team of three worked piece by piece on putting up a huge billboard of the lombardi trophy. for the main field here, they have tarps to go weather there is any freezing conditions or rain. the us supreme court heard arguments today supporters of the california teachers association rallied in washington. teachers who want to lead the union without paying a fee which is not required by the state. if the justices ruled against
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it, it represents several teachers around the state. school districts in napa valley, richmond among others. for the first time, the nine campuses received 200,000 applications. mostar from high school seniors the rest are transfers. many applied to wire -- many applied to more than one campus. acceptance letters will be out in march. tracking that next shot of rain here in the bay area. it is cloudy right now. the next system roles in tomorrow night. tomorrow during the day we may have some drizzle. tonight we saw some drizzle. the system is coming in tomorrow, tomorrow will be mild
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temperatures in the mid-50s. we will have a lot of cloud cover. tomorrow night we will be in a situation where we have rain showing up after midnight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy in san francisco at 7 am. in the afternoon we will have some sun. later in the day the clouds will increase. looking at san francisco, the fog in the valley, rain towards the north. tomorrow afternoon, and here goes overnight around 2 am it hits us. tomorrow cloudy, mild, rain overnight on tuesday into wednesday morning. also into the wednesday morning commute. when we come back we will break down our wednesday. the miami heat they are in oakland tonight. t.
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david bowie, his fans gathered today. he was a one of a kind artist. he seemed to be one step ahead. >> he was born in london in 1947. his real name is david jones. his last aulden was -- his last album was released two days ago. >> [ music ] >> reporter: the rock icon died on sunday after dealing with a
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battle with cancer. the 69-year-old died it -- died peacefully and he was surrounded by his family. fans are paying tribute to him. >> [ music ] >> there are so few artists who broke ground much like david bowie. from glam rock to electronic music. >> reporter: he raised the bar on visuals and characters. >> in terms of imagery and visuals, there has never been an artist who has matched that power. no one has ever reached the level he did. >> reporter: he is with
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billboard magazine, he says it's a criminal -- it is absolutely incredible how he pushed the envelope. >> he had 39 albums on the billboard. to -- there are not too many people have -- that have that longevity. >> reporter: he added one more album to his legacy. >> it was on his birthday. the whole time he was making it, he knew he was sick. the theme of the album, death, doom, and afterlife. he put out this beautiful album.>> [ music ] >> reporter: and hollow it -- in hollywood jonathan hunt.
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>> our coverage continues at ktvu our coverage -- continues on ktvu. he was found unconscious at love ranch. cocaine was found in his system that he -- they cannot prove that that cocaine was used in that county. doctors say that he suffered a stroke and possible brain damage. he was transferred from a los angeles hospital to a private rehab last week. thousands of dollars in damage. having the youth baseball league wondering if they will be ready for the upcoming season.
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only at a sleep number store. the last known survivor from the 1906 earthquake died today. he was 109 years old. q galanti a few times? >> he came to the annual ceremonies on market street. >> we are not here that long. 100 years sounds like a lot and
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it is.>> reporter: they have his and their memories. his father founded this restaurant. >> i was making more money than the wagers.>> reporter: -- i was making more money than to wagers -- >> she was the one. i was right. >> reporter: the link to the rebirth. >> i cannot believe i am still here. >> reporter: for years he was with other survivors. he was three months old when it hits. he knew his parents story. >> my parents put me in the tablecloth and carried me out
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in the tablecloth.>> reporter: he recalls riding his bike to where the oakland airport is now. remembering dell monte. the annual remembrance will go on. >> in the end san francisco is the survivor. >> reporter: he did not have children but leaves behind relatives. >> he was generous about it. he understood who he was and what the role was. he was good about doing it. >> you are only on the surface for so long and enjoy it while you can.>> reporter: the memorial wreath will be
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dedicated to him. he died peacefully and was in good health until the last few months. he would have turned 110 this month.>> so much history. the sheriff's deputies could use help in identifying to suspects with home burglaries. here is one sketch. here are images taken from a security camera. descriptions of the intruders are similar. they are in their late 20s. they ran out when they realized someone was home. they ended up ransacking another house even when a 93- year-old man was inside the
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house.>> not the man that shot the deputy but the other man that was in that confrontation. police say that the deputy spotted the man in an area of the school. investigators say that the deputy did not draw his own weapon and he was shot in the leg. ted cruz is still leading donald trump on the democratic side bernie sanders is a deadlocked with hillary clinton and beating her in new hampshire. >> trumpet is leading, that is beautiful. -- donald trump is leading. that is beautiful. >> reporter: still within the margin of error.
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doubling down on talk that he was born in canada. >> if you get the nomination you cannot have the person getting the nomination be sued. >> reporter: the billionaire seemed better positioned in new hampshire. >> i cannot wait to run against hillary clinton. we will be her. >> reporter: seeing as the -- seen as the democratic front- runner. hillary clincher -- hillary clinton is deadlocked, four weeks away from the all important primary. she remained focused on the issue during at campaign stop.
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>> i feel really good with where we are and i am not taking anything for granted. >> reporter: bernie sanders says that his campaign received two half-million contributions. the most in american history. >> randy paul and carly farina -- the top seven candidates will be allowed to take part in the prom -- prime time debate. the debate starts at 6 pm on thursday. you can watch it on the fox business network. changes at disneyland. there will be a new land.
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actor sean penn, meeting with the drug lord, showing pictures of him being monitored as he arrived in mexico. he assumed he was being watch. he wrote an article for rolling stone magazine. us attorneys in seven jurisdictions want to try him for drug crimes. the
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killing of two men, he was shot to death around 230 in the afternoon. an hour later -- 2:30 pm in the afternoon. an hour later a body of this friend was found in a park. she is asking for any witnesses for help. >> this young man dying. our family members dying. he has two sons and he was not able to raise them. $20,000 in reward money is being offered
10:40 pm
in this case. city hall, gender neutral bathrooms, that is the topic. it will be introduced tomorrow. it would require san francisco businesses and the city building to make stalls available for men and women. >> new york and hollywood have been ahead of the curve with all of this. san francisco is many years behind. >> it would take the guesswork out of it for a woman. the law would not apply to multiple stalled restrooms only for single stall restrooms.
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a new look for the attraction. this will carry the railroad. the changes will be made when a near star wars land is built nearby. they are removing some of the attractions. a children's baseball league targeted. how parents are rallying. rain returns to the bay area. how it will impact your week coming up.
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i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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been another shooting along interstate 80. the highway patrol tells us that a child suffered injuries. it happened at 745 it happened at 7:45 pm. to adults and children were -- two adults and children were traveling in the card -- car. the highway patrol says it appears the shots came from another vehicle. in fremont, a youth baseball league is scrambling to get together. there was vandalism. the snack bar was destroyed and that keeps them financially sound.>> reporter: vandals broke the hearts of some volunteers with vandalizing
10:45 pm
the snack bar. >> they broke down our door. >> reporter: fremont police say they are still investigating. they broke through padlocks and destroyed everything in sight and threw red paint around.>> we have our refrigerator here which they busted open with a hammer. >> with a heavy object they busted the door open. >> reporter: they broke into the locker and stole baseball bats, all the rest of the equipment. the league says it does not know how much it will cost to replace everything. it is in the thousands of dollars money that it does not have and the clock is ticking. >> in two weeks we have our tryouts.
10:46 pm
we need equipment to practice. >> reporter: the biggest source of money for the program was the snack bar. the young all players will have the program. >> there will be a team i promise you that. >> reporter: in fremont. i am tracking more showers in the forecast. it will not be until tomorrow night. tomorrow will be a dry day. it is a beautiful night in san francisco. no rain. a nice day. we are going to see a lot of more rain coming. considering the rain coming our way as we head into wednesday. it is coming from rate down
10:47 pm
here. you can see all that moisture streaming in off the pacific as it pulls in it sets us up for significant rainfall. this is tuesday night, through wednesday morning. there will be scattered showers throughout the day on wednesday. 54 and concord. -- it is 54 in tucker. we will see plenty of fog. tomorrow afternoon, there it is, the rain stays north, this is tuesday night on into wednesday morning. there will be a high number and
10:48 pm
rainfall. that will leave some water on the road. there will be plenty of water on the ground to make the wednesday morning commute less than desirable. most of the showers will continue, the winter storm warning in the mountains. thursday morning, it will be cloudy, in the afternoon there will be some sprinkles. tomorrow night on into wednesday , mostly cloudy in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon, mostly cloudy in the evening. temperatures tomorrow under cloudy conditions will be in the upper 50s. rain tuesday night after midnight on into wednesday morning. showers all day wednesday, and back into it a little bit on
10:49 pm
thursday, friday a chance and saturday a chance. it is perfect. when we look at this week, if you see the sun in the five day, you will not see flooding. but if i show you clouds every day then we have flooding. big night in sports. college football national championship.
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a busy night in sports. the warriors continue a perfect night and all winning streak at home. >> it is incredible, they just do not lose. 36-0. looking at the wires across the court tonight -- looking at the warriors across the court tonight. it is stuff curry's night again.
10:53 pm
-- it is stuff curry's night again. -- steph curry his night again. he ends the break right there. 31 points. 31 points to pull it off. there is a little example of their hook up. double digit leads. taking the outside shot, on his way, 22 points. the warriors take it 111-103. no matter who you wanted to win, this is the national champion ship that lift up to the hype.
10:54 pm
entertainment to the finish. alabama winning, the best college football team. the game, a huge swing in the game after that tied score. they had and on side kick, humphrey recovers for alabama. one play later, he spotted him wide open, 51 yard touchdown. five catches for 208 yards and two touchdowns. drag down the sidelines. -- drake down the sidelines. 95 yards. the replay shows he made it
10:55 pm
over the line for the touchdown. the quarterback for clemson, 405 yard pass it. -- 405 yards passing. alabama rules football again. 100 winds in the last nine years. -- for the coach, 100 wins in the last nine years. the hockey team, tonight, up in calgary, the three, three, game in the third. the past, 4-3 san jose. going to the neutral zone,
10:56 pm
knocking it in. it helped them with the victory. 5-4 final. he recently resigned as the head coach of the giants. the 49ers are not a quick pick team. does he have the energy and willingness to redirect the franchise? they had to asked for permission to interview him. it doesn't make sense in the big picture. they have not made hugh jackson and offer yet. -- hue jackson and offer yet.
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-- an offer yet.
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